6 Reasons People Buy

6 Reasons People Buy

1. Desire for gain
Your prospect is expecting or hoping for an outcome, and the feeling of excitement, relief, or security.
=> Know what gain means to your prospect.

2. Fear of loss
The prospect worries they could lose customers, profits, market share, etc.
=> Instead of playing up fears, reduce fear and take a positive approach.

3. Comfort and convenience
Listen for comfort and convenience words: relief, easy, relaxed, stress, frustrated.
=> Ask questions to gauge enthusiasm for these concepts.

4. Pride of ownership
This comes from owning something exclusive or holding a unique advantage.
=> Help your prospect see the exclusivity of your customized solutions.

5. Security and protection
Related to fear of loss.
=> Focus the conversation on what the client wishes to protect and their plans to keep it secure.

6. Emotional satisfaction
Even practical purchases involve emotional satisfaction.
=> Help prospects imagine the positive impact of their decision.