7 Top Seller Best Practices

7 Top Seller Best Practices

1. Use their words
Using the client’s words makes the solution theirs, and they’re more likely to buy their own idea.

2. Focus on their objective
Identify the client’s priority and align your solution to it.

3. Focus on emotional needs
In addition to addressing the marketing perspective, be sure to address personal motivating factors.

4. Practice explaining your solution in a simple way
Make your story so simple it can be easily understood and retold to decision makers.

5. Use data and evidence, but keep it simple
Choose two or three important figures to share and don’t lose sight of the big picture.

6. Use case studies
Use documented customer quotes and metrics, but make sure they contribute to your immediate goal.

7. Use stories or examples
Make sure the customer relationship and context is suited to the story, and keep it brief.