Communicating with LFBB

Communicating with LFBB

Remember this abbreviation to help you communicate benefits effectively:

L – Link
Connect back to something the customer previously said.
Example: “You mentioned it’s been tough to invest in marketing because you haven’t been able to justify the cost and track the investment. Correct?”

F – Feature
Introduce a helpful feature of a product or service.
Example: “A reason we’re so successful working with owner-operated businesses like yours is that we’re able to help you determine a budget that makes sense for what you want to accomplish.”

B – Bridge
Use a short phrase, often containing “you,” that pivots the feature to the benefit.
Example: “With Google AdWords, you’ll be able to track using our analytics.”

B – Benefit
Explore how the client would use or experience the feature.
Example: “The benefit to you is that being able to measure results makes it much easier to see how well your marketing investment is really working for you.”