Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis – List of Questions

Current Situation

• Who are your target customers?
• Where are you online and offline?
• Who are your main competitors, and what sets you apart from them?
• How do you see the market changing? What trends/conditions are
most impacting you?

• What are the big issues on your agenda?
• How is your success measured?

• What are your marketing goals?
• What is your marketing budget?
• Where are you marketing your business and why did you decide to use those channels?
• Do you know how most of your clients find you?
• What are the goals of your website?
• How much does it cost to acquire a new client?

Desired Situation

• What are the top priorities for your business this year, and how are you acting on them?
• What plans do you have to grow your business?
• What are some of the challenges or roadblocks that you anticipate handling?
• Is there a product or service that you would like to make a bigger percentage of your revenue mix?

• What are your priorities for this year or this quarter?
• What projects do you have on the back burner that you would really like to make progress on?

• Do you have a preference towards acquisition or retention? Which is more important to you and why?
• Are you happy with the amount of sales you currently have, or could you use more?
• Are you happy with your brand awareness?