Prospecting Tips

1. Prospect every day
Spend time setting meetings for potential new business as a daily routine.

2. Be and sound confident
Keep a full pipeline so you feel confident, and sound confident when talking to prospects.

3. Sell meetings, not products
Share insights, not obscure product terms and industry jargon.

4. Focus on them
Use an effective “hook” focused on how you can solve your prospect’s problems.

5. Have your voicemail ready
Prepare a short, relevant message to leave in case you’re directed to voicemail.

6. Use voicemail and email together
If you leave a voicemail, send an accompanying email as a reminder to contact you.

7. Ask for referrals
Referrals are the most pre-qualified leads; spend time requesting them.

8. Keep score
Track metrics like dials, contacts, and leads so you can compare to your goals.

9. Make it fun
Keep things interesting and reward yourself.

10. Be enthusiastic
Let your enthusiasm show in your tone and choice of words.