Requesting Referrals

Requesting Referrals

Here are some tips you can use in requesting referrals:

1. Ask for advice
Example: “I really appreciate having your team as clients. What advice would you give me if I wanted to meet more business owners like you?”

2. Be specific
Example: “I noticed you’re in the local chapter of the Tech for Change networking group. I’m hoping to meet someone from GreenCode Solutions. Do you know anyone from GreenCode who attends those monthly meetings?”

3. Ask for advice AND be specific
Example: “You’ve mentioned how useful the Downtown Business Association group has been. Do you know other members looking to advertise online?”

4. Create a top prospect list
List specific companies or business people you would like to meet, then show this list to your customers and ask if they can help.

5. Practice
Practicing will help you feel confident in requesting referrals.